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Mechanical diaphragm metering pump


Flow rate range Pressure range
 6.5~180L/h  4~10ba
Pump head material Connection
Motor Power range
 single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V  40~90W



Liquid receiving end

  • Variable eccentric mechanism adjustment ensures smooth flow fluctuation
  • Enhanced structural design suitable for harsh operating environment
  • Wear-resistant ball bearings for more stable operation
  • Oil bath lubrication for longer working life of driving components
  • Flow adjustment is possible both in shutdown or operating state, with manual, electric or frequency conversion options

Hydraulic end


  • Mechanically driven diaphragm, no diaphragm guard on the material side, facilitating material passage
  • PVC, PVDF, 316SS, high viscosity, slurry and other pump head materials suitable for conveying various materials
  • Self-cleaning check valve for easy maintenance

Control mode

  • Electric stroke controller accepts external control signals to adjust stroke length
  • Power supply: Single phase
  • Input signal: Analog signal
  • Input signal: Analog signal
  • Output signal
  • Frequency converter controller can be installed to receive external control signals and adjust stroke speed
  • Switch controller controls three-phase motor in “on/off” mode to adjust output flow
  • Power supply: /Three phase



Technical Parameters