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DPL Simple Dosing System

DPL Simple Dosing System

Volume Pump barrel configuration
 40~20600L  1 barrel 1 pump/1 barrel 2 pumps/2 barrels 1 pump/2 barrels 2 pumps/2 barrels 3 pumps
Material Control method
 PE/PVC/304/Carbon steel lined with rubber  Manual control/Automatic control/PH/PLC control/Special requirements (explosion-proof frequency conversion)/Power supply 380V1220V
Ordering information
 Order system Number of barrels and pumps/Metering pump type/Metering pump flow pressure/Manual or automatic/Any special requirements



Scope of Application

  • Food additive dosing device
  • Phosphate dosing device
  • Circulating water dosing device
  • Water condensation ammonia addition device
  • Acid and alkali dosing device



  • Papermaking and dyeing additive dosing device
  • Swimming pool dosing device
  • Electroplating additive dosing device
  • Up and down structure dosing device
  • The dosing device mainly includes
  • Drug solution dissolution system, metering dosing system, safety system, and control system