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Plunger metering pump


Flow rate range Pressure range
 12.5~1600L/h  0.6~50Mpa
Standard configuration Optional configuration
304 pump head, motor380V,50HZ 316 pump head
Explosion-proof motor
Frequency conversion motor



Product features

  • Simple structure, easy maintenance, high cost performance
  • The plunger directly acts on the compressed medium, ensuring high volumetric efficiency and minimal transmission loss at high pressure
  • Variable eccentric mechanism adjustment ensures smooth flow fluctuation
  • A new type of adjustment mechanism makes the adjustment more accurate and reasonable
  • Suitable for conveying liquid media with high viscosity, high pressure, and high temperature



  • Graphite fiber seal offers superior leak-proof performance and long service life
  • The plunger metering pump adjusts the flow by changing the stroke length. It uses a frequency conversion motor and a frequency converter to control the flow by changing the motor frequency, achieving remote control
  • It is recommended to install a safety valve on the outlet pipeline of the pump
  • It is widely used in fields such as chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, power, pharmaceutical, food, and plastic foaming



Technical Parameters