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Hydraulic diaphragm pump


Flow rate range Pressure range
 1~1600L/h  0.5~32Mpa
Standard configuration Optional configuration
304 pump head, motor380V,50HZ 316 pump head
Explosion-proof motor
Frequency conversion motor



Product features

  • No dynamic seal, no leakage, easy maintenance
  • Working pressure up to 30MPa, measuring accuracy up to 1%
  • The metering accuracy surpasses that of a mechanical diaphragm pump, and the sealing performance is superior to that of a plunger pump
  • Flow control is achieved by adjusting the stroke length and using a frequency converter for speed control, enabling remote automatic control



  • The mediums usage temperature should not exceed 100℃ or fall below -20℃, as it could affect the service life of the diaphragm
  • The pump features a hydraulically driven diaphragm, which can last for more than 8,000 hours
  • When handling special media, a double diaphragm with a rupture alarm device can be utilized
  • The pump can be equipped with a digital controller to achieve digitization and facilitate both local and remote control



Technical Parameters